Why Solar Energy

Alaways Clean Energy

Great way to contribute to environment using renewable Solar Energy

Easy Installation

Professional and hassle free installation by our technical experts.

Low Costs

Great savings on energy bills using high efficiency modules and inverters.

Long Time to Use

Solar plant are trouble free performers comes with long life of 25 years.

Reliable Operations

Tier 1 modules of High efficiency and internationally reputed inverters.

Energy Can Be Reused

With Net-metering energy can be used or fed to the grid.

how we work


We conduct Survey of the site as first part of the Solar Plant Job in which we also need to look for SUN lightning direction for best effective solution.


After Survey we propose the design as per most feasible and cost effective solution possible for Solar Power Plant.


After confirmation on Design our technical team will do the installation and commissioning of the project.

25 +
years experience
50 +
300 +
1000 +
projects complete

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April 1st, 2018

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