System Integration

Arraycom (India) Ltd. Systems Integration

Arraycom is a prominent system house and undertakes different services related with System Integration. Our team compliments your in house engineering staff to work out optimum solution for the end to end application. We cover various aspects of services like :

System Integration:

We bring together various subsystems utilizing variety of technologies and ensure its functioning as a complete system. We undertake system integration in the field of Professional Electronics encompassing Satellite Communications, Terrestrial Communication, Broadcast Engineering, Signals Intelligence, Surveillance, Networking, Software Development etc.

Various Type of System Integration Services Like :

Turnkey Project
System Integration Services
Monitoring Software

Installation & Commissioning:

As a System Integrator of a large scale turnkey project, we undertake Installation & Commissioning activity involving civil/ electrical/ mechanical as well as professional electronics works.


We provide training to the customer engineers on operation & maintenance of various equipments so that the complete system functions efficiently.

After Sales Service & Maintenance Contract:

After completion and handing over the project to the customer, we provide after sales service support till the warranty period of the project. After the expiry of the warranty period, we also provide support through Annual Maintenance Contract.