Thick Film Material

Arraycom (India) Ltd. Thick Film Material

Our vision is to become the preferred supplier by customizing our materials and processes for various industrial applications. Our endeavor is to meet customer expectations in terms of cost, schedule and quality. We believe in building a safer, healthier and greener world with our engineered materials and processes.

The Quality Management System at Arraycom adheres to ISO 9001:2015 standard certified by DNV. Thick Film Material – TFM are used for manufacturing of hybrid micro circuits, resistors, capacitors, solar cells and semiconductor packaging. These find applications in Telecom, automotive, medical, military, aerospace and consumer industries.

Thick Film Material
(Products and Applications)
TFM Product Application Guide
Solar Paste Front Ag Paste
Back Ag Paste
Al Paste for PhotoVolatic cell Application
Conductive Paste (Ag | Pd | Pt Conductor) Hybrid Micro Circuit
Mica Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Metal Oxide Varistor
NTC Thermistor Disc
PZT Application
Air Drying Application
Membrane Ink Various Types of Membrane Paste (Ink) for membrane Keypads and Keyboards
Resistor Paste Think Film Resistor
Chip Resistor
Resister Network
Hybrid Micro-Circuit Application
Potentio Meter
Overglaze Paste (Insulation Paste) For Hybrid Micro Circuit & Other Applications
Precious Metal Powder Ag Powder & Flakes
Pd Powder
Pt Powder
Gold Powder
RuO2 Powder