Silver Membrane Paste

Conductive Paste (Ag | Pd | Pt Conductor)


PD 6173 is silver based low palladium and Platinum for HMC application. High solderability and high adhesion strength are major feature of PD 6173. It is intended to be applied to ceramic substrates by screen printing and fired in a conveyor furnace in an oxidizing atmosphere to form inter-connection tracks and pads for component lead attachment in networks.

Recommended Processing Procedures

PD 6173 may be stored in a clean stable environment at room temperature (<25°C). Storage in freezer is NOT recommended. Product should be mixed thoroughly before use. Jar rolling is NOT recommended.

Properties are based on 96% alumina substrates

PD 6173 should be thoroughly mixed before use. Printing should be carried out in a clean well-ventilated area using 200-325 mesh stainless screen with 12-16 micron emulsion thickness.

Allow prints to level for 5-10 minutes at room temperature in a clean draught –free environment followed by drying for 10-15 minutes at 150°C in a well ventilated oven or conveyor dryer.

Fire in a well-ventilated belt or conveyor furnace in air with a 30-60 minutes cycles to a peak temperature of 850° C for 10 minutes. Care must be taken to ensure that any gases/vapors from other chemicals/materials do not enter the furnace muffle.

Shelf Life
Six months from the date shipment in unopened condition of the container